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Bluedio N2 sluchátka sportovní Bionic bílá

Vynikající bezdrátová sluchátka Bluedio N2 sluchátko sportovní Bionic, bílá

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Skladem: 2 ks
Číslo produktu: 0186
Výrobce: Bluedio
V nabídce od:: 1.11. 2016
EAN kód: 8428728091070
běžná cena 1 199 Kč
naše cena:
545 Kč ( Nejsme plátci DPH )

do košíku:

Vynikající bezdrátová sluchátka ve stylu Cobra
Hodí pro většinu modelů telefonů
Skvělý zvuk a zvukový útlum díky kvalitnímu zpracování
Mají vestavěný mikrofon
Rozhraní: USB
Komunikace: Wireless
Model: Bluedio N2
Profil Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Bluetooth verze: V4.1 + EDR
Pohotovostní doba: cca 240h
Pracovní doba: cca 6 hodin
Dosah: 10 m
Kompatibilita: Většina mobilních telefonů (Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo...)
Značka: Bluetooth headset Bluedio N2


Polish Appearance & Supper Function combined as one: Bluedio N2 Muti-function bluetooth earphone. N2,  your best choice!

1. Light in-ear design: Custom fit in-ear design ear buds ensure long lasting comfort in rigorous environment.
2. Crystal clear sound: Crafted with built-in 10mm dynamic driver, and CCAW voice coil, created surprising full-bodied timbre, clear and bright, restore crystal clear sound
3.Superb and clear bass resonance: High fidelity speaker transmits clear stereo sound to your ears via fast V4.1 bluetooth wireless. Listening to Love knockdown by Kanye West, bass, pure and simple composed of this track, strong bass resonance of move you forward during workouts!
4.CVC wind noise reduction: Remove unwanted noise during a hands free conversation, cleaning the audio for far-end listener. It detects and tackle winds of various intensities and durations.(this is not active noise cancellation)
5.Redesigned generation silicone earbuds: Crafted by built-in 14.2mm neodymium driver, tonal quality is richer resonance than purer. Superior sound isolation by including silicone ear piece, ergonomically designed to provide comfort in your ear.
6. Sweat-proof: Effectively prevent sweat and rain interfere with headset operation.
7. Multipoint pairing: Connect to 2 mobile phones simultaneously.
8. Voice command: Say "Yes" or "No" to pick or reject call, add convenience to your life.
EQ;  Real stereo
Voice prompts;  Multi-point
Call waiting;  180hrs standby
Last call redial;  Noise reduction
Voice control
Bluetooth V 4.1
Protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Play time: approx. 5 hours
Stanby time: 180 hours
Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
Charging time: approx. 2 hours
Length of cable: 580mm
Connection range: up to 10 meters
User instruction:
Bluetooth Pairing:
1. Keep the distance between the headset and mobile phone within 1 meter.
2. Activate the headset, entered to pairing mode.
3. Initiate Bluetooth of mobile phone (Android: Scan for device), search "Q2" or "Bluedio".
4. Select "Q2" or "Bluedio" (some mobile phones need to input PIN "0000" as password) and the headset will automatically connect with your phone.
Attention: When headset switch off, keep press the MF button 8 seconds will issue a sound. Generally, there are 120 seconds at maximum to pair headset with your mobile phone, or the headset will power off when the light goes out. Retry steps 1 to 4 to pair again if your operation doesn’t work.
Call waiting:  (phone feature)
When phone 1 is in conversation, there is a call for phone 2; Press the MF button once to drop phone 1, and answer a call from phone 2.
Answering a call from phone 2 and keep the call of phone 1: Keep pressing the MF button for around 2 seconds.
Switch back to phone 1: Keep pressing the MF button for around 2 seconds.
Drop call of phone 2, answering the call on phone 1: Press the MF button once.
Multi-point pairing:
Step 1:
Pair phone 1 with headset
a. Keep press MF button 5 seconds to activate headset, light remains bright enters to pairing.
b. Initiate Bluetooth of phone 1, search the headset and pair with it.
Step 2:
Pair phone 2 with headset
c. Keep press MF button 5 seconds to deactivate headset, and switch off BT of phone 1.
d. Keep press MF button 5 seconds to activate headset, LED remains bright, enters into pairing mode.
e. Initiate Bluetooth of phone 2, search the headset and pair with it.
Step 3:
Pair phone 1 with headset again
f. Initiate Bluetooth of phone 1, pair with the headset.
g. Some mobile phone may not reconnect automatically, you may choose the device on Bluetooth list of mobile phone to finish pairing.
Package list:
1 * N2 bluetooth earphone
1 * USB cable
1 * User manual
3 (pair) * ear buds (the pair of medium size is already fixed on N2)



Výrobce: Bluedio
V nabídce od:: 1.11. 2016


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